Monday, September 28, 2015

             Why you should not update to windows 10.

Windows 10 has come into our would with a bang. But in my opinion it is one of the worst windows versions ever created. And not that i have a personal grudge over windows but to me it is a disappointment in the age that we live in. This is because it has much more good looking interfaces(GUI) which are complex to simple users. An example is changing the power options. You have to first go to the new interface where in the power options menu you will find an advanced options link. Here you will be directed to the interface that we are accustomed to.
Thus wasting your precious time on items that you have no need of.
Windows 10 comes with new terms and conditions  (Legal stuff). If you have not read the terms and conditions please do that and you will be astonished with the terms. (Here's the link ) They can actually provide the authorities with information about you to protect other users. And in my opinion a service provider who is ready to disclose information about you is not worth of the trust of handling your personal information. Rumor has it that windows 10 can also prevent prevent gamers from gaming on their devices if the game is cracked. But in that point nobody knows for sure. (Watch out!!!!! You do not want to find yourself in this position like the guy below. :-)

But lets look at the brighter side of the new upgrade. it has a much more beautiful start. They combined windows 7 and the super awesome windows 8. And also has new features like the cortana which acts as your own personal assistant. And it is also intelligent so they say. But everything has its down side. the intelligent assistant collects information about you. These information include your voice email and your name. all of which can again be used aganist you IF provided to authorities.

So all in all windows 10 is not worth my money nor my time. But who knows whats good for others???? (NOBODY not even cortana :-D). So thats just my opinion. You be the judge.

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